Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girls Night Out ; Eat, Play and Laugh (Part I)

Had a fun night with my girlfriends. Eat, Laugh and Play..
For this part, I'll post "eat" part.. Hehehe

So, we ate durian (a fruit with thorn and sharp fragrance) that night. We ate about four durians and still want some, but we have to control our self, because eating over durian can make you vomit or got a little fever sometimes. It's not evidence based medicine one, it's just experience based only. Hehehe...

Will post other photos soon..


Putri Lovita  


  1. Time spent with a friend eating good things is always fun and it seems you had so much fun ! =) I am curious about the taste of durian now !

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  2. wah, you have to try some.
    Most of people in Indonesia love durian so much..

    Thanks for your invitation ^^

  3. Such a great post, love it!! ^^ Mind to follow each other? :)

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