Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holiday, I'm Comin'

Before share about my holiday story, let's start with what I wore when I was in airport.

Believe me, that was just a little suitcase that I brought, but when comin' back to Pekanbaru, the little suitcase will have another friends, in case I should buy some souvenirs for my family, my friends and of course myself. Lol

Somehow, I just too in love with blue, navy blue or anything blue and also that black cardi. Can't help myself to not wear it again and again. It's just make me feel simple. Put some shirt or t-shirt then wore it as outwear. Done. Simplicity is just what I need that day. I went to Pekanbaru from my parent's house about 10 am, then arrived about 7 pm then I had to prepare to airport before 6.30 am on the next day. I just too tired, then that black cardi helped me to save my day :)


Putri Lovita

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